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    Awesome Addams Attendance Report

    Our attendance this year is greatly improving!

    Thank you parents, for setting regular bed times, laying out clothes and packing backpacks the night before. Please continue to make getting your child here, on time, every day a priority!

    Our students don't want to miss out on the cool attendance incentives we have for them this year.

    1. Attendance tickets-When students come to every school day of the week, they get an Attendance Ticket for the weekly drawing on Fridays. Their name will be announced on the loud speaker and they will come to the Principal's office for a prize.
    2. Perfect Attendance Calendars-Students get a stamp on their calendar every day they come to school on time without leaving early. When they completly fill their calendar, they earn a free dress day.
    3. Weekly Class Attendance Award-Classrooms are striving to have the best attendance in their grade level. The top classes will receive an attendance certificate and will get to keep an Addams Jaguar in their class for the week. 
    4. Perfect Attendance Day-On the day that a class has perfect attendance, student in this class will receive an Addams Scholar Dollar to be used in the student store at the end of the month.

    Parents, you can help your child earn these awards and prizes by getting your child here every day!

    Please call the school if your child is going to be absent at (562) 428-0202 or you may send a note with your child upon their return to school.

    Addams Wins $20,000 Tutoring Grants For Rising Test Scores

    Read the Principal's News Section!

    Early Day Dismissal Reminders

    Student Safety Update

    If you are called to the office to pick up your sick child, remember to bring your ID. Likewise, when checking out your child to go to a doctor’s or dentist’s appointment, bring your ID. And don’t forget; only persons indicated in writing, on the emergency card will be allowed to pick up your child. They, too, need to bring their ID. Thank you for helping to keep our children safe.

    Recordatorio Para La Hora De Salidas Cada Día

    A la salida, por favor espere en el patio de recreo al lado de la línea azul. Al estar en el patio de recreo al lado de la línea azul se provee una salida segura a través de los corredores para los cientos de alumnos que salen al mismo tiempo. Gracias por respetar esta póliza a toda hora.

    Por si acaso la oficina le llame para recoger su hijo enfermo, favor de traer su identificación. Si tiene que llevar su hijo a una cita del médico, trae su identificación. Ne se le olvide, sólo personas nombradas en la tarjeta de emergencia pueden recoger su hijo. Ellos también deben traer identificación. Gracia por ayudar mantener la seguridad de su hijo.

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