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Holding large grant checks

Addams Scores Impressive Gains for All Students

Addams Elementary School scores on the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium, or SBAC exams, soared by 13 percent in mathematics and by eight percent in English-Language Arts over the past year.

The Long Beach Unified School District recognized the school’s gains with an incentive grant of $10,000 for closing the achievement gap among sub-groups of students, including African American and Hispanic pupils.  The school also earned a $10,000 grant for an increase of 10 percent on math, as well as $750 for attendance gains. 

“I attribute this success to teachers’ passion and willingness to make changes to instructional delivery to really meet students’ needs,” said Addams Principal Armando Dueñas.

The Addams staff analyzed last year’s student achievement at an August “Data Day” meeting to determine the next steps forward.  Rather than focus on the scores, teachers reflected on successful classroom practices from 2016-2017 to plan for this year’s students.

“My belief is don’t focus too much on the numbers, numbers aren’t the vision, numbers are the product,” states Dueñas.  “This year our focus is sustainability, accountability, and ownership.”

Photo Caption:  Addams Counselor Melissa Espinoza, former Assistant Principal Tracy Fiala (now principal at Mann Elementary), and Addams Principal Armando Dueñas display incentive grant checks.

Principal Armando Dueñas