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Addams Elementary School Technology Team

The Addams Elementary school staff is re-designing 21st Century learning for grades K-5.  Technology Ambassadors Ms. Latimer (K-2) and Ms. Vicencio (3-5) are teaming up with representatives for each grade level to train staff on programs such as Google Tools for Education and to test software for alignment with school-wide academic goals.  So far, the school has held after-school training sessions for teachers on Google Documents, Wonders (English-Language Arts), and basic Chromebook Cart maintenance.


Over 400 Chromebooks arrived at Addams Elementary School in 2017, adding to the school's two desktop Macintosh laboratories, and four MacBook carts.  In addition to the Google Suite of education tools, the computers support programs such as ST Math and Classroom Dojo.

Technology @Addams Locker